Embossed Leather

The sense of tactility has always distinguished the leathers. Our catalogue wants to give the idea of ​​the infinite available manufacturing samples. From the preciousness of the embroideries to the surprising 3D effects, fantasy is the only limit.

CFG_LAM T90129600

CFG-LA pollock on nubuck


CFG-LAM T16031100 suede

CFG-LAM T19032600

CFG-LAM T19032900

CFG-LAM T90125600

CFG-LAM T90125701

CFG-LAM T90129300

CFG-LAM T90129400 fabric-leather

CFG-LAM T90129500

CFG-LAM T90129700

CFG-LAM T90129800

CFG-LAM T90130100 eco leather

CFG-LE702 Embossed Leather

CFG-LE703 Embossed Leather

CFG-LE704 Embossed Leather

CFG-LE705 Decorative Leather

CFG-LE707 Embossed Leather

CFG-LE708 Embossed Leather

CFG-LE709 Padding Leather with rhombus decoration

CFG-LF Chevron gris

CFG-LF wild gris

CFG0-LAM T90130000