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Is a reality “made in italy” operating in the field of contract and custom-made furnishings. Essetre Forniture s.r.l., Ceresio Arredamenti s.r.l., Tecnolegno Allestimenti s.r.l., in fact, work together for years as general contractor called Cesare Ferrari Group, coordinating and executing projects and renovations of shops, offices, hotels, private residences, museums, shopping centres and everything concerning space in every country.

We realize custom-made furnishings, operating in different fields: civil, hotel and commercial. The long experience of our Companies allowed u s to settle specialized workshops, one for each field. The subdivision and competence of the work grants extreme professionalism, high efficiency and a quality without comparison to the Client. The elevated professionalism of our workers comes from “craftsman like origins” and allow us to realize custom-made fittings for each need and with every kind of wood and other material.

Furthermore, internally, we have an office specialized in the administrative and customs. The team spirit of the group, the valuable members of the team itself but also our numerous outside collaborations allow us to develop an act ivity always in the forefront of the development of shapes and finishings. We produce basing ourselves on projects and we are an excellent interface and support for Designers and Architects, for building contractors and/or any reality asking for our support. The experience of several generations, the consult ing service and the development of 3D projects, the collaborations with very important architects and with international contractors are the cream of our activity especially in this difficult period of the world economy.

The technical offices consist of: architects, geometers and engineers that make executive drawings, develop concepts, research new materials and use the most advanced technologies to manufacture wood, glass, metal, resins, etc. in highly specialized workshops. To grant an elevated quality standard we often realize sample of materials and finishings to allow our clients to hav e a preview of the final result.

All the companies of the
are based in the north part of Italy with a productive surface of more than 28000 mq

Tecnolegno Allestimenti srl
Ceresio Arredamenti srl
Essetre Forniture srl



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Liquid Metal

Recently, one of the most interesting innovations is the so called “liquid metal” finish, that is, the possibility to give any solid surface a real metal coating.
A thin, rigid covering can be applied to surfaces with any configuration, maintaining all the properties of non ferrous metals. The covering is a powder composed of nano particles of brass, copper, nickel, bronze, gold and their mixtures. Surfaces which have been finished with liquid metal, once smoothed, can be satinized, pickled, and polished like all metal surfaces.

Please find more: Liquid Metal presentation.pdf

To order a sample box please contact us: info@cesareferrari.com

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