Each essence has precise intrinsic characteristics, which are respected in our work.  In fact, we endeavour to exalt the beauty of the wood veins in way to render your projects unique.


CFG-W Afra 001

CFG-W Birch 046

CFG-W Carbalho 059

CFG-W erable 055

CFG-W Eucalipt 007

CFG-W Eucalipt 007 gloss

CFG-W Eucalipt frise' 005

CFG-W Eucalipt frise' 014

CFG-W Lati 86.027

CFG-W noce canaletto 195

CFG-W noce canaletto 195 gloss

CFG-W noce canaletto B02

CFG-W r2 rovere fiammato 012

CFG-W rovere 005

CFG-W Rovere 019

CFG-W Rovere 020

CFG-W Rovere 021

CFG-W Sucupira 004

CFG-W Sucupira 004 gloss

CFG-W Tay 004

CFG-W018 Wengè

CFG-W019 wave 02

CFG-W026 zebrano

CFG-W027 Ebano

CFG-W032 Rosewood

CFG-W2567 Deep Groove

СFG-W eucalipt miele 007