Natural Stones

We use natural stones with incredible eye-catching characteristics such as marble, semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, selenite. We can create sophisticated inlay designs and also embellish the furniture with entire stone cladding.

CFG - splitted selenite moonstone

CFG -Mother of Pear Arlekin

CFG- Mother of pearl black frame

CFG-Arabescato Corchia

CFG-Black e gold marble

CFG-Black Orange Marble

CFG-Brown marble


CFG-Elegant Brown Marble

CFG-Emperador Dark

CFG-Mahogany Obsidian

CFG-Matrix Marble

CFG-Mother of pearl abalone green

CFG-Mother of Pearl Black Lip

CFG-Mother of Pearl Golden Lip

CFG-Mother of pearl greek

CFG-Mother of Pearl Hammer Shell Blue

CFG-Mother of Pearl Panay

CFG-Taji Mahal Marble

CFG-White Macaubas Marble