Thanks to unique manufacturing process we can transform glass, an apparently cold material, in such a way as to stir powerful emotions

CFG - Black Horn

CFG - Gold Horn

CFG - Night Gold Leaf

CFG - Plum Day

CFG - Plum Night

CFG - Univers

CFG - Wild Gold

CFG - Wild Horn

CFG-VR engraving on bronzed glass

CFG-VR old graffitti mirror

CFG-VR stratified gold mesh glass

CFG-VR502 Glass _ cracked silver leaf

CFG-VR505 Decorative glass (wave)

CFG-VR506 Glass acid decoration

CFG-VR507 Stratified glass with synthetic metal

CFG-VR508 Glass with acid decoration

CFG-VR510 engraved glass

CFG-VR511 engraved bronzed glass

CFG-VR512 engraved glass with amalgama and graphics

CFG-VR512 gold crumbs glass red background

CFG-VR513 gold crumbs glass blu background

CFG-VR514 gold crumbs glass black background

CFG-VR516 silver crumbs glass silver background

CFG-VR517 engraved glass with amalgama and graphics

CFG-VR518 engraved glass with amalgama and graphics