Thanks to our manufacturing processes, glass is not perceived as a cold material, but it can stir emotions. Stratifications of metallic weaves, engravings, artistic effects obtained with the use of acids, gold leaf and pigments, allow us to play both with the material and the shape.

CFG-VR engraving on bronzed glass

CFG-VR old graffitti mirror

CFG-VR stratified gold mesh glass

CFG-VR502 Glass _ cracked silver leaf

CFG-VR505 Decorative glass (wave)

CFG-VR506 Glass acid decoration

CFG-VR507 Stratified glass with synthetic metal

CFG-VR508 Glass with acid decoration

CFG-VR510 engraved glass

CFG-VR511 engraved bronzed glass

CFG-VR512 engraved glass with amalgama and graphics

CFG-VR512 gold crumbs glass red background

CFG-VR513 gold crumbs glass blu background

CFG-VR514 gold crumbs glass black background

CFG-VR516 silver crumbs glass silver background

CFG-VR517 engraved glass with amalgama and graphics

CFG-VR518 engraved glass with amalgama and graphics