Liquid metals

For us this material has represented a challenge over the years: it is the research for the concept of custom made that is our trademark. Thanks to its malleability, we can create brand new, completely customized textures that can interact with many other materials.­­­­

3D mdf - bronze

CFG-09 Liquid Metal

CFG-3D MDF - kvadrat bronze

CFG-fretwork bronze panel


CFG-LM-casual strips

CFG-LM-copper shine circles

CFG-LM101 3D Mdf - brass

CFG-LM104 3D Mdf - gunsmoke

CFG-LM118 Black acid copper

CFG-LM120 Mdf+resin - oxized copper

CFG-LM133 walnut+gold

CFG-LM133A walnut + gunsmoke

CFG-LM133B walnut+corten

CFG-LM162A oxized copper

CFG-LM165 3D Mdf Copper

CFG-LM168 3D Mdf - Oxized copper

CFG-LM170 3D Mdf- Oxized Bronze

CFG-LM170a 3D Mdf - Gunsmoke lm

CFG-LM171A Fabric + gunsmoke lm

CFG-mdf+resin-copper lm

CFG-walnut (solid wood) + brass