Metals & Liquid Metals

Although we have been challenging through this research, we have been able to create unique, customized textures and surfaces, which have become our trademark.

3D mdf - bronze

CFG - LM Polished Bronze and Patina

CFG - LM Wild Patina

CFG - RM Inox Patina

CFG - RM Inox Patina V.2

CFG-09 Liquid Metal

CFG-3D MDF - kvadrat bronze

CFG-fretwork bronze panel


CFG-LM-casual strips

CFG-LM-copper shine circles

CFG-LM101 3D Mdf - brass

CFG-LM104 3D Mdf - gunsmoke

CFG-LM118 Black acid copper

CFG-LM120 Mdf+resin - oxized copper

CFG-LM133 walnut+gold

CFG-LM133A walnut + gunsmoke

CFG-LM133B walnut+corten

CFG-LM162A oxized copper

CFG-LM165 3D Mdf Copper

CFG-LM168 3D Mdf - Oxized copper

CFG-LM170 3D Mdf- Oxized Bronze

CFG-LM170a 3D Mdf - Gunsmoke lm

CFG-LM171A Fabric + gunsmoke lm

CFG-mdf+resin-copper lm

CFG-walnut (solid wood) + brass